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Ginny,thanks for all the magic you performed to make my mom's apartment her new home.  B.M., daughter of senior

Thank you, Ginny, for all your help.  You made it a lot easier.  D.S., Senior

Thank you Ginny, from the bottom of my heart!!  While I was a full-time working professional with a jam-packed social calendar, my house sold and I did not know where to begin.  I found out that I had under 2 months to move 4,400 sq ft of living space.  Just when I felt so very overwhelmed, Ginny developed a plan that we were going to follow and made it so very easy.  Ginny helped me through a very difficult time in my life.  Her excellent time-saving systems allowed me to get everything packed up on deadline and moved into my new home. 

Ginny is professional and incredibly efficient.  She understands details, process and order more than anyone I’ve ever met.  I would not have been able to move without Ginny's direction, suggestions and help.  On moving day, Ginny was also there and she helped me get organized.  The chaos of moving day now appeared so simple. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Ginny and her services.  Ginny made the experience of moving an enjoyable one as she made getting organized seem so simple.  Ginny was my lifesaver and I know that I could not have done it without her help.  A.F.


 Our family hired Ginny to pack up our parents’ home of 50 years. My brother and I do not live in Edmonton, and we were not able to spend the enormous amount of time and effort making the difficult decisions about what to do with all the things in my Mother’s home – from furniture to dishes to clothing to knickknacks - each of which evoked a fond memory.  So we each identified what we wanted to have packed and shipped to us, and left the rest for Ginny to decide what to do with.  We were very pleased with the work Ginny did for us. She very respectfully and carefully went through every room and decided what to do with each item - finding organizations and shops that might take them, then packed them up and gave them to a charity or sent them to be recycled, shredded, or otherwise disposed of. If she found something she thought might be important to us (a photograph or letter hidden away in a box, a purse with items left in it – our first baby shoes – she put these with our boxes). When it was all done, she packed up our boxes and shipped them to us. We were very pleased with the decisions she made and are so grateful that we could leave this difficult job in such good hands. We highly recommend Ginny for any job that requires care, consideration and thoughtful decisions. She provided a great service for our family.  S.A.


I have worked with Ginny Moore in the past.  She is exceptional at helping people organize their spaces and dispose of the things they no longer need in a thoughtful manner. J.P.


I cannot recommend Ginny highly enough.  I first met Ginny as she was organizing and dismantling my mother-in-law's belongings in her home of 50 years.  Organized and hard-working, she made sense of it all in short order.  I couldn't wait to see what she could do for my "messy" rooms.  Not only did she make my embarrassment disappear, she helped paint the room and create a space that I can now enjoy.  Ginny's energy, knowledge, know-how and understanding combine to create a "home organizer personal trainer."  I was amazed by how quickly we cleared the room and made decisions for every item (that I would previously agonized over.)  Thrilled with the result, I turned her skills towards my disgusting laundry room.  In three (relatively) short hours, that room was transformed.  If you have a "messy room or two", or need to get your things organized for a move, call Ginny.  I guarantee, you won't be disappointed.  J.U.

I don't know what we would have done without Ginny's assistance.  She was a huge asset in preparing my client's home for sale.  Without her help, the move wouldn't even have been possible.  Ginny's not only great with understanding and supporting seniors with their big transition, but she's also able to work well with Realtors, understanding timelines and other intracies of selling a home.  Ginny is punctual, resourceful, and motivated to deliver results, providing as much assistance as needed whether the job is big or small. Thank you for all your help, Ginny!  J.S., Realtor


Ginny Moore provides her clients with the highly valuable combination of superior efficiency and thoughtfulness.  Ginny arrives on a job promptly, has the appropriate tools in-hand, makes sure the work gets done, and then provides thorough follow-up, above and beyond the call of duty.  Ginny's superior organizational skills, along with her friendly and warm-hearted attitude, make her a joy to work with - even in time-sensitive, potentially stressful situations.  I wholeheartedly recommend Ginny to assist with relocation projects and other similar tasks.  S.B., Daughter of Senior Client