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How do we get started?

Contact me either by phone at 780.906.6284 or by e-mail:

We will discuss your needs and arrange to meet at your home for a free assessment.



The Assessment 

  • Set your goal on what you want to achieve.  Make it reasonable and attainable in a short time.  
  • Start small, one closet or room at a time.
  • Decide what kind of organizer you think you need:  coach, helper or contractor.
  • Decide on the timelines.  When do you want to start and how long should it take.  Set the date and the time.
  • Review the costs including the purchase of any new storage products or packing supplies, etc. 
  • Decide who will do what.  Are we doing the necessary shopping together or will just one person do it? 
  • Once we agree on the scope of the job, we will enter into a contract that will include these details.



 Remember:  Organizing is a process. 

We may very well make more clutter and chaos on our journey to becoming more organized but it will all be worth it in the end.